Two Gallon Case of Equine Mega Sweat and Equine Omega Complete

Equine Mega Sweat is a specially concentrated formula of Equine Omega Complete.

It treats Anhidrosis, a disorder that prevents sweating in some horses that can prove to be a serious condition if they get overheated and cannot cool themselves through their normal means. This product is the fastest working anti Anhidrosis solution on the market today. Typically, horses begin to sweat 24 – 48 hours after receiving their initial dose. 

Horses with Anhidrosis are slow to recover after exercise. Symptoms may include: panting heavily after exercise, very little or no sweat, elevated pulse and a higher than normal body temperature, a flaky coat and/or coat loss, distressed or lethargic behavior, even after the work ceases.  It is imperative the owners pay close attention to the signs of Anhidrosis as it can be a dangerous condition to the health of a horse.

Andhidrosis is most commonly found where temperatures and humidity stay high for lengthy periods of time. The cause is not known and the onset can be startlingly sudden. 

We suggest that horses exhibiting these symptoms receive one gallon of Equine Mega Sweat and then convert to the maintenance dose of Equine Omega Complete.