Two Gallon Case of Equine Mega Gain and Equine Omega Complete

Equine Mega Gain contains no hydrogenated or processed fats. This product WILL NOT make your horse hot. We use mechanically expelled (not chemically extracted) organic soy bean oil. Every cell in the body is surrounded by fat which allow nutrients into the cell and waste to get out. The hydrogenated fats found in almost every  commercial feed causes cell membranes to become like plastic, preventing this exchange of nutrition and waste. Hydrogenated fats are no friend to horses. The addition of calm calories may also help support: athletic performance, reproductive health, moody heat cycles, milk production, body condition, coat condition, weight gain, increased stamina and more.

We suggest you feed one gallon of Equine Mega Gain, or until your horse's weight is at the proper level, then transfer your horse onto the Equine Omega Complete product for it's additional joint support properties.